Gaming Price Hike

I’m skint at the moment. Lacking any incoming money from student loan and still trying to find work as a graduate in this economy is proving a difficult task, whilst also trying to scrap together money for my 360 fund and of course buying food to eat. So if anyone has £180 they want to lend me (which I have no intention of paying pack) then just drop me an email. I’m also quite set in my ways when it comes to paying for games; I can’t remember the last time I paid more than forty notes for a shiny disks and their curved cases, as well, I never have. Unless it comes packed with extra goodies or a peripheral, don’t expect to get my money.

Forty quid for a new release is, to me, the high-end of pricing to what is already an expensive hobby; so Activision have already lost a sale for Modern Warfare 2 this side of Christmas. Having confirmed that the weak pound and record development costs have forced publishers to increase trade prices the Call of Duty sequel will come in at an expensive £54.99. While retailers will probably absorb some of that price as always, expect to see a more than expensive shooter this Christmas.


Unfortunately though, it doesn’t stop there. According to MCV, one major Japanese publisher has already raised trade prices once in 2009 and may be forced to do so again. THQ’s EVP of worldwide publishing, Ian Curran, said, “Exchange rates between the Euro and the pound are making it very difficult for publishers to show an acceptable operating margin in the UK. You can’t continue to trade as normal when the biggest territory in Europe has seen cost of goods increase by 30% due to the strengthening of the Euro. Publishers somehow need to offset this drastic increase in costs. I’m not surprised to see the [Modern Warfare 2] SRP go up and I feel this will continue across more key titles.”

So it is likely that more titles to be released in the final quarter of this year will have a less than attractive price tag. Way to grab more sales guys. Looks like I’ll be buying less games for Christmas this year.

Source: MCV