IGN On PS3 Slim: “We Have One For Real”

It’s hard to tell whether IGN were either just trying to be funny or are actually really daft, because they might have just put months of speculation to rest by revealing that not only is the PS3 Slim real, but they actually have one in the office. They don’t, of course, but whilst IGN might well be considering re-publishing the latest edition of their podcast, VG247‘s Patrick Garratt might have already spoiled the party by blogging about it for all to see.

The transcript of the bit we’re interested in happens just after 45 minutes into the podcast:


“Because we have one for real.”

“Yeah, but that’s…”

“Yeah, but that’s under wraps.”

“Sorry, I wasn’t supposed to say that, was I?”

“We can edit that out. David can edit that out.”

“45 minutes. OK.”

It’s not immediately obvious whether it’s meant to be funny or not, because if this is IGN having a laugh at PS3 fans then they’re toying with millions of hardcore followers desperate for another Sony bullet point – the rest of us might find the comment rather more disposable but it’s still irresponsible given the timing.  Still, whilst at first listen it’s clearly them goofing around it could of course be a genuine mistake and if so, this is the first actually committed confirmation that Sony are about to announce the PS3 Slim.  Wouldn’t be the first time such a thing was leaked, eh?

Source: VG247, with thanks to Chimpanzee for clarification.