Sunday Thoughts: 19/07/09

Fanboys – infesting the internet’s gaming communities like a growing cancerous mass in a blunt attempt to bring everyone down with them. I’m sick to death of “this console is better because of Blu-ray” and “your console sucks” – most fanboys appear to have just two brain cells rubbing together to generate any kind of comment to infect the forums with.  What really annoys me is how something as wonderful and complex as the human brain could ever find amusement in telling others that they are a lesser person because of a gaming product they purchased. The bullying and pressure that is inflicted on kids in schools because they choose to make an individual decision and not follow the “in-crowd” with their simple minds and sheepish nature.

We have men and women out in all kinds of hell-holes around the world fighting together to protect the peace we take for granted. You have a choice in what game to play on whichever system you want to play it on and at whatever time you wish to play it. You are provided with that freedom because lives are given and taken to make sure you know no different. So why the hell should you start a pathetic war over which damn console is the best and even go to such lengths as attempt (and perhaps succeed) in making other peoples lives miserable over it?

Then there is the clash of nationalities online too. Having played Red Faction and Halo this weekend on Xbox Live I have been reminded of the amount of immature and simple minded pricks there are out there. I have been told that the Xbox is too good for us English and that we shouldn’t be able to use the voice chat because Europeans have wonky teeth. On the opposite side of the scale I have heard fellow Englishman telling the Americans they are fat and should “F” off and go eat a burger. Don’t get me started with how many times I have heard “we saved your ass in both world wars”, sigh.  Why? When US and UK forces are fighting together and protecting each other, when our leaders are trying so hard to get along and unite the world, why can’t gamers with different consoles from different backgrounds and nationality get along? That we would disrespect people giving up their lives in the name of peace amongst all men makes me sick! That somebody has the cheek to tell me I have wonky teeth and that my choice in the games I play make me a “retard” but doesn’t have the bolocks to fight and protect the freedom of speech they just then took for granted is just plain pathetic.

Today’s Sunday Thoughts is for us all to think about the men and women from every nation that have given their lives to protect the little freedom we have, and for those who are currently fighting to protect our rights to choose, our rights to live in peace, and our rights to play games when we so selfishly decide to. We respect all you have done and are doing for us, we ask that you forgive us our arrogance and selfishness and that one day when the world hopefully knows peace – even the cowards that are fanboys will realise their mistakes and strive to get on with everyone.