GW: Where I Fell in Love

This guest writer submission from TSA member Hannes_Truce is both funny and clever. I also happen to whole-heartedly agree with the sentiment. There are more Guest Writer pieces in the pipeline but we’re always looking for more so feel free to keep them coming!


I live in England but my dad lives in Germany and that’s where I fell in love.

At the tender age of nine I was still too young to take advantage of the awesome things I now love doing when I visit my dad (like watching German porn and drinking beer) so I was bored.

Luckily my dad was, at that time, the proud owner of an IBM PC with a staggering 8mb of RAM which, I think you’ll agree is pretty cutting edge. To try and curb my boredom I went about the task of turning it on. This was a task which sounds mundane but which actually involved flicking the power switch, pulling several levers and waiting for a thunderstorm to strike the lightening conductors on the roof. Several hours and several lightening strikes later it was on and I was ready to have a little browse through windows 3.1.

Eventually bored with Minesweeper, I stumbled upon a DOS icon named Monkey Island 2 and, intrigued, I fired it up and within minutes fell in love with the now seemingly dead genre that is the point-and-click adventure.

Monkey Island was the first in a string of games that I played in this genre. Pouring in hours of my life combining this with that, entering spitting competitions, fighting pirates with insults and most of all, something I rarely come across in next-gen games, laughing my ass off. Sadly the world of point and click seems to have mostly died. Whether it was the linear nature of the games, the short attention spans and lust for blood of some younger gamers or the world of 3D gaming that killed it I can’t say. The later Monkey Island games that tried to do 3D seemed to be the last we’ve really seen of them.

A step in the right direction is now being made by Telltale who are reviving the Monkey Island series for next gen consoles but whether they’ll compare to the original classics remains to be seen. I for one think that it’s time for a full revival of the classic 2D point and click game and having recently repurchased a selection of these games and played through them from start to finish I can say that they definitely stand the test of time and are even funnier now than when I first played them. The simple nature of the game combined with the depth of the story and humour would make them perfect for first time players and hardcore gamers alike and I think the genre is something that’s certainly missing from PSN.

At the very least they could give me Broken Sword and Discworld 1+2 on the PSN, just to shut me up about point and click adventure games…