InFAMOUS’ Cole Gets Sackboy Treatment

Coming this week to a PSN Store near you is yet another sackboy costume.  The Media Molecule blog has revealed that this time it is Cole MacGrath, InFAMOUS’ protagonist, who is getting his chosen threads shrunk in the wash.  Both good and evil Coles are represented with the difference being the colour of the glowing orb of electricity you sackboy can carry in his little hessian mitt.

Surely the whole Mm team cannot be tied up making sackboy costumes and are hopefully busy working on something spectacular to wow us with.  We would even be quite happy just to get a few Mm-created levels but please give us something other than costumes for a change.


We know to expect an “interesting” announcement from Mm on the 18th August, during gamescom in Cologne, so our fingers are crossed that it will not be the announcement of a bumper-sized costume pack or simply the release of the forthcoming Game of the Year edition of LBP.

Tip: matty