PSN Cards Confirmed?

Several news tips this morning from our readers who have somehow found a Dutch website which, with the aid of Google Translate, tells us that PSN cards have been confirmed to retailers and will be available from October 1st. This fits with what we’ve been predicting for a while as it coincides with the launch of the PSPGo with its download-only software model.

However, it is not confirmed until Sony say so and the fact that the Dutch website in question does not quote sources and shows an image of one of the faked PSN cards that another Dutch website was “selling” a few weeks ago (they were actually pre-made PSN accounts with a sum of money in the wallet) is a little bit suspicious. I think they may have this one right but thanks more to their sensible conjecture rather than any real evidence.

Source: PS3-sense Thanks, Darknight88, johnny_bolton & TctclMvPhase