Braid Twisting Its Way To PS3

The German ratings board USK has rated Braid, the indie Xbox 360 hit, for the PlayStation Network. The time-bending platformer, which appears to be under the porting skills of Hothead Games, was a big hit for Jonathan Blow when it was released on the Xbox 360’s Live Arcade last August.  Hothead Games had no trouble casting the familiar head-scratching magic onto their Mac port, so we have no question in assuming the PS3 version will be just as good.

In the game, the player acts as protagonist Tim, who, as his moniker suggests, has an element of Time about him.  Each of the story-based puzzle worlds introduce a new element to the time-based tasks, and whilst they start off simple (rewinding time) later sections introduce doppelgangers and sections of the levels that don’t respond to the reversal of time.  It’s a wickedly clever game, and one that had me gasping out loud as I played through the Xbox version last year.  The overall theme, when you finally get it, will blow you away too.


This is great news for PS3-only gamers, look out for the PSN version soon…

Thanks, Rob92, Erroneus, via GAF.