News Snatch: Strider, OlliOlli, Helicopter Drones And Next-Next-Gen

“Now is the winter of our disc content” wrote Shakespeare, getting is massively wrong as precisely bugger all games are released after the first week of December.


Stupid Bard.

That also means the news about to dry up and there’s nothing worse that dry Snatch (so I’m told). With that in mind, we bring your the first trailer of the day which is for MXGP: The Official Motocross Game, which comes out in Spring 2014 for PS3 and PS Vita.

The World of Warcraft movie has been moved to April 2016, having previously been announced for Christmas 2015. A little known film called Star Wars Episode VII then decided it wanted to open on the same date so Warcraft has sensibly moved.

Gran Turismo 6 has gone gold and copies are winging their way for review across the globe but the game is embargoed until launch day, December 6th.

Sony have explained the situation when their Romanian branch mentioned a new Siren game. “The listing for Siren was a mistake, it should have listed Rime. Siren was the working title name for Rime prior to its announcement at Gamescom 2013,” they told IGN.

In the past year Sony filed trademarks for Destiny of Spirits, Freedom Wars, and Psygnosis, none of which have been revealed as new games, and joining that list is a trademark for aging PlayStation JRPG, Arc the Lad.

A bucketload of rather washed-out looking Strider screens, courtesy of Silicon Era.

4J Studios are “hard at work getting the PS3 version of Minecraft ready for Sony test”, other versions will follow.

Hurrah! Pachter is back! “I think Microsoft – in a year or two – Microsoft will cut price,” he speculated, referring to the Xbox One. Such insight! Such wisdom! How does he know these things? He then added “Wii U is going to sell 20% as many units as the Wii.”

Perhaps he missed the news that the PS4 outsold the lifetime sales of the Wii U in the UK in less than twenty-four hours.

Former Naughty Dog and THQ boss Jason Rubin has also branded Nintendo as “irrelevant” due to the low sales of its latest console.

Amazon are working on a plan to deliver orders using helicopter drones. Yes, really, this an actual thing.

The company has also released details of a streaming service which allows developers to stream their apps and games in high definition from the cloud to any mobile devices.

OlliOlli for PS Vita has been delayed until early 2014 due to a “network issue had developed with the Daily Grind, which meant players could submit their scores multiple times rather than have one ‘live go’ to set a score.”

And now a trailer for Don Bradman Cricket 14. I did warn you the news was drying up.

Do you like game music? Do you like bundles? Then boy do we have an offer for you! For just $10 you can grab a pack of no less that twenty four soundtrack albums taken from indie games. These include Braid, Guacamelee!, Kentucky Route Zero and twenty-one other games I have not heard of. Click here for more details.

Next gen is SOOOOO last weekend, EA are all about the PS5 and Xbox <insert random number>. Patrick Söderlund, EVP of EA Studios has suggested the next-next-gen consoles will be with us within five or six years.

Good news for those who have yet to upgrade, Sony plan to support the PS3 for a long time and that includes keeping the servers of games online.

“If we’re seeing continued long play patterns, obviously the Network becomes extremely relevant, and very, very viable for many years,” explained Sony’s John Koller to Polygon.

“So yeah, I think that’s something that’s going to be long running. We showed it even way back on PlayStation 2, with some of our early games like SOCOM, we kept those servers alive for many years. Similarly, I think we’d do the same thing here. The Network is part of our strategy for PS3, part and parcel with the success that I think we’ll have on that platform going forward.”

Did you catch the PlayStation 4/ Channel 4 idents over the weekend? They were quite snazzy.

Lindsey Lohan (I really did warn you the news was drying up) is rumoured to be suing Rockstar for using her likeness in Grand Theft Auto V.

This is because in one mission a Lindsay-like character is at a hotel resembling the Chateau Marmont hotel in West Hollywood, a hotel that Ms Lohan once lived at. There is also a mission in which you take the Lindsay-like character home and escape the paparazzi.

She also said to be claiming the image used on the front of the game looks like her, but this has been disproven. Model Shelby Welinder has posted a picture of the invoice from Rockstar for her work in the game.

And Finally, two videos from the PS4 launch in Rome. They went a bit OTT and got a dragon to destroy a castle.



  1. Destiny of Spirits is a free to play RPG style fighting game for Vita.

    • Yeah I was going to say that. Also Freedom Wars is the new name for Panopticon is memory serves me correctly. Maybe Tuffcub is in a trance full of tits :P

      • It’s very difficult trying to remember everything that has ever happened on every console EVER, which is basically what the news team have to do.

        You try doing it and not make mistake :)

  2. That was one heck of a launch ceremony in Rome and i’ve always liked the C4 idents but those were extra special.

  3. GT6 reviews embargoed until launch day doesn’t sound too good!

  4. Loved those C4 idents!

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