PS3 Slim to Start at £260?

Whilst the new console hasn’t been announced yet, it’s pretty safe to say that the PS3 Slim is coming. Evidence supporting the Slim is appearing left, right and centre so it would seem appropriate that analysts should start guessing things too. Right?

The Telegraph is reporting that the PS3 Slim is expected to come in two models, a 40GB and 80GB with prices starting at the low price of £260. That’s right, two hundred and sixty pounds for a 40GB PS3 Slim. Not quite the drop most of us were expecting. It’s worth noting though that the same article reports that currently the PS3 sells at £300 with a 40GB hard drive whilst we all know that it’s an 80GB SKU standing at around £280 (often with bundled games). I think it’s fair to say that we can expect a slightly more substantial cut than the one above.

Whatever the pricing though, Sony expect it to sell and have ordered enough parts to produce 1 million consoles for the third quarter of the year. A substantial increase over the past few months which has only seen half that number being produced.

Source: The Telegraph