PSPgo For Under £200

Officially we are still waiting to hear what the price of the PSPgo will be in the UK when it launches in October. Unless you were one of the lucky few who got their pre-orders in with GAME when they mistakenly priced it at £180 pre-order prices have typically been between £230-£250.

For all those of you who have said you would not consider buying one for more than £200 it looks like Tesco of all retailers may be the place to shop.  They have currently got the PSPgo up for pre-order at £199.97 which they state is a £50 saving off of the full price of £249.97.


Tesco PSPgo £199.97

As with most on-line retailers they try to tempt you into buying other related products.  In the “You May Also Like:” sidebar on the PSPgo’s page they offer you Ridge Racer 2, Resistance Retribution, WipEout Pure, Buzz Brain Bender and God of War: Chains of Olympus.  All on UMD of course.  Let’s hope no one gets suckered by that particular example of link selling.