Sony Wielding A Big Stick

We already know that by the end of this year Sony plans to launch a 32GB Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo card.  The PRO-HG line of Memory Sticks are backwards compatible with the normal PRO Duos so you will be able to slot it into your PSP (1/2/3000).

There has been no word from Sony yet on a 32GB Memory Stick (MS) HG Micro so for a while at least PSPgo owners will be limited to adding 16GB to the PSPgo’s internal 16GB of storage.  Obviously that means that a PSP will be able to sport the same 32GB of flash memory as a PSPgo whilst still playing UMD games.  So even at £200 the PSPgo still does not seem that tempting if you are looking to sport a PSP with maxed-out flash storage as for a similar price you will likely be able to pick up a PSP-3000 with a 32GB MS.


32GB is the capacity limit for exsiting MS standards but Sony are not content to stop there.  They have just finalised specifications for the new Memory Stick XC standard that they announced at the start of the year.  This new MS XC while still maintaining the same form factor (size) and interface as existing Duos and Micros has an upper capacity limit of two terabytes!

2TB according to Sony’s specification page is 60 times the capacity of a 32GB MS (though my maths makes it 64).  With the average PSP game running to about 700MB in size you could in theory almost fit three thousand on it.  More than enough room to carry the complete back catalogues of the PSP and the PS1, your entire music collection and still leave plenty of room.

Of course at the moment all that exists is the specification and I am pretty sure that no one makes the flash devices that would enable the MS XC cards to reach that capacity.  Even if they did I doubt anyone reading this would be able to afford one.  The existence of the specification does mean however that Sony (and by extension SanDisk who partner with Sony on the MS standards) plan to continue supporting and growing MS cards into another generation.

At least you have a while to think about how on Earth you might fill a 2TB Memory Stick.

Source: SonyInsider