Critters Crunching On PSN

A few months ago we got our heads down and did some research and bought you news on a variety of games that would be appearing on the PSN Store, well I say research but if you’re a journalist clicking on Wikipedia is research these days isn’t it? One of those games is going to be Critter Crunch produced by Canadian indie developer capybara games, originally to great success on the iPhone.

Critter Crunch is puzzler that is entirely hand animated and runs at the top spec of 1080p resolution and 60fps and aurally supporting DTS, Dolby Digital and (lossless) PCM 5.1, so all your gem collecting, food-chain based antics have never looked so sharp or sounded so clear. I say food-chain because you play the part of Biggs the slightly rotund critter who uses his chameleon style tongue to pluck small creatures out the trees and feed them to larger creatures causing them to burst and gems to fall which you have to collect.


The game isn’t just about collecting gems by feeding critters, as with all good puzzlers its about power-ups and scoring chains. Don’t want to play by yourself? Well as is right for a game of this generation it has been given the multiplayer treatment, both network and local featuring a versus and a co-op mode.

You know what, I’m a miserable bugger recently and quite hard to please when it comes to gaming especially this generation for some reason, but I’m really excited for this – it really is one of the most playable games on the iPhone (there is a cut down lite version available for free although I recommend the full version) and hats off to the guys at the US Blog for another excellent PSEye Chat it really is a great feature they run over there. Unfortunately I don’t have news of a demo, pricing or an exact release date but it is promised to be coming soon, hopefully not just to the US. Kris & Nathan from capybara games contributed greatly to the blog post and mentioned future DLC, avatars coming to the PSN a desire to do something in Home and even mentioned that one of the Trophies for the title is a particularly hard barf related one.

Check out the EyeChat below or you can view the trailer of Critter Crunch and its rainbow puking here.

Source: US Blog.