Shatter Coming to XBLA?

Did you pick up Shatter the other week? If you did you’ll know that it’s one of the best games on the PSN right now with addictive gameplay, fantastically integrated leader-boards and a cracking soundtrack. The game’s developers are clearly also aware of the game’s greatness and are currently working on getting it out to even more players.

A version of the title is already running on the Xbox 360 and PC, though a port still isn’t confirmed as the team are still reviewing whether or not to continue with the builds. Legally there wouldn’t be any problems porting as the game isn’t actually a Sony exclusive. Sidhe were drawn to the PSN by a “combination of good royalties, strong technology, and a well defined process for getting content to market” stating that the “PSN was an ideal first landing place for Shatter”.


To date the game has sold around 30,000 copies with around 60% of those sales coming from North America with the remaining 40% making up for Europe and Australasia. For those still wondering whether or not to join the number above, a demo is on the way.

Source: Gamasutra