LittleBigPlanet PSP Dated and Cover Art

So we’ve seen the box-art for the very possible LBP Game-of-the-Year edition on PS3. Not enough? recently updated some of their stock directories. “Little Big Planet PSP” or “LittleBIGPlanet” if the box art is believed will be the name of the game, being exactly the same as its PS3 daddy.

The PSP game ‘s Recommended Retail Price is at a steady £24.99 [€29.17], and available for pre-order at around £18 [€21]. That’s not far off how much the PS3 game costs now, as Media Molecule have clearly allowed reduction of the game price to encourage more micro-transactions from the PlayStation Store. Then we have the date. Play are listing it at the 20th November this year, but Amazon are claiming the 30th October, so anything goes. It’s definitely looking to be an item that Santa could stuff in his over-sized sack.

Check out the image below. It’s looking possible that this image may have been around for a while, but we haven’t seen it before, so there’s no harm in posting it now, right? It certainly looks like something mums would pick up and look at the back of. Mum-power helped the Xbox 360 and the Wii. Will mum-power help shift LBP on PSP and PSP Go?

LBP PSP cover art