Operation Flashpoint Goes Hardcore

As you’ll be able to see in our hands-on, we loved our time with Operation Flashpoint and can’t wait for its release. However, Codemasters have just sent us some information on a new game setting that’s going to make the wait for the release even harder: Hardcore Mode.

“We take all of the HUD off, there’s nothing there at all, no cross hair, no compass, you’re all on your own other than a map. This is about as hardcore as it gets,” explains Executive Producer Sion Lenton. “I think the hardest thing that we set out to achieve, that I’m certainly most proud of, is putting the fear back into first person shooters, getting that element of tension as you’re creeping through the woods, not knowing where the next shot’s going to come from.”


“What makes an Operation Flashpoint mission special is that it’s so open world in nature. In most games you’re drawn through a very narrow corridor whereas in Operation Flashpoint you really are left open to translate your orders as you see fit,” says Chief Level Designer James Nicholls. “There’s a lot of room for manoeuvre and to adapt your tactics on the fly.”.

The video is available now at www.flashpointgame.com, and the game is out early October.