Hitman 5 On Its Way?

Remember this one? I guess you should as it’s not been that long since we last saw the balled, tattooed head of Mr 47 but considering the speed at which the franchise grew last gen it’s been a noticeable absence in the long list of AAA sequels from the PS2 era.

And so it’s thanks to that good old faithful source of the actor’s resume that we find evidence of the sneaky slappers return. Mark Sloan has ‘Hitman 5’ down in his list of experience from 2008. It looks like Mark will be playing the role of Scott Burfitt, whoever he may be but more interesting than that is who he lists as the developer.

According to Mark’s CV Rocksteady, the developers behind the very promising Batman Arkham Asylum, look to be at the helm and having played through the Batman demo more than a few times we think this is very good news indeed. Whilst Hitman always held a rather promising potential we’re excited to see the kind of changes a bit of power under the hood will bring.

As per usual we’re filing this under the question mark for now but you’d better get that bar code scanner out just in case.

Source: Joystiq