Eidos Co-Founder Ian Livingstone Leaves Square Enix

“To focus more time on the important projects”.

New Deus Ex Screens Surface

The future’s never looked so good.

New Just Cause 2 Trailers

Anatomy of a stunt videos still crazy

Rumour: New Deus Ex Title Revealed

Humans to revolutionise in the future.

Just Cause 2 Freedom and Chaos

Just Cause 2 continues to look bonkers.

Just Cause 2 Pre-Order Trailer

New trailer shows some pre-order bonuses in action

Next Tomb Raider Will Have Multiplayer

And so will everything else from Eidos.

Just Cause 2 UK Release Date

Avalanche’s latest gets UK release date.

Square Enix Europe Begins

Could Square Enix become the next almighty publisher?

Review: Batman: Arkham Asylum

I am Batman, I am the Dark Knight. Now I shall return to playing the game…

Hitman 5 On Its Way?

Fancy getting your cheese wire dirty? It looks like the barcode baldy is back.

Corrupted Batman Reviews?

Another example of twisted reviews or a case of throwing mud too early?

Eidos Absorbed

Another legendary British games-industry brand all but disappears from the marketplace.

Bayonetta’s Final Square

A mash-up of news to follow. Say goodbye to Eidos and hello to Square Enix; Final Fantasy has sold more copies, than the population of Germany; and gyrating hips?

SquEnix and Eidos set the date

How are we supposed to abbreviate that? Squareidoix? Squaidosenix? Squeenixdos? I give up.

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