Deus Ex: Human Revolution Talks Perks

Game director Jean Francis Dugas has explained some of the perks that will be available for sci-fi hi jinks in Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

In an interview published in the latest edition of GamesTM, Dugas teases with such perks as the Claymore, “… which allows you to throw out multiple bombs in a 360-degree radius…”, and the nice and stealthy bungie augmentation, which nullifies fall damage and “if you pull the trigger while you descend then you can land on an enemy and stun them.”

There’s talk of the standard X-ray vision and cloaking devices, and then there’s confirmation of the ever-so-slightly-bad-ass perk alluded to in the E3 trailer that allows you to scan for weakness in a wall before punching through it to get to the hapless henchman on the other side.

Oh, Deus Ex. You have been missed.

Source: NOWGamer



  1. Just finished watching the video for this on PSN, it looks incredible! Reminded me of Ghost in the Shell. Never played the others, but I have heard good things so really, really hoping this follows suit!

  2. good good

  3. I really enjoyed both Deus Ex and Deus Ex:Invisible War so I’m looking forward to this new chapter. It’s funny, much as I liked the game, when Borderlands came out they made such a big deal about it being the first RPS (Role Playing Shooter) and all I kept thinking was “Funny, I could have sworn Deus Ex was doing that 10 years ago”. Don’t get me wrong, they’re totally different experiences to play and I’m not comparing them as games but the RPS concept was not as original as they claimed.

  4. it’s a shame they left out the option to play as a women like invisible war had, but it does look pretty decent despite that.

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