Next Tomb Raider Will Have Multiplayer

Some sites have picked up on an advert on the Crystal Dynamics website that seems to imply a certain franchise is going multiplayer,

“Crystal Dynamics is looking for a talented, innovative senior designer to lead on future AAA title development for Xbox 360 and PS3. This position requires the ability to create a distinct multiplayer experience”


Crystal Dynamics being the developers of Tomb Raider it has been assumed this means Lara will be going online for some shooty fun but so far this is only speculation. However, being the internet ninja that I am I can confirm Tomb Raider will have multiplayer. MCV has an interview with Eidos top dog Ian Livingstone. Eidos, now part of the Square Enix group, are publishers of Tomb Raider. Ian says,

“Going forward, online functionality is a necessity rather than just a nice option to have. By that I mean full functional multi-player online play.”

So there you go – anything coming out of Eidos will have online multiplayer.