TSA Fixes: VidZone

Okay, so TSA Fixes usually looks at games and VidZone is not a game, but neither am I your usual TSA Fixes author so consider this a bonus edition. I use VidZone quite a lot and it is a great feature to have on my PS3 but there are some aspects of it I find annoying and some features I think are missing, which seems to make it perfectly appropriate for a TSA Fixes post.

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Playlist Shuffle
It is starting to get a little tedious hearing the songs in my playlists play in the same order every time.  Just about every other music playback device since we graduated from vinyl discs and cassette tapes has had a shuffle function, so why does VidZone not have one?  Update: Thanks to welshandy for pointing out in the comments where the well-hidden shuffle function is.  In the main menu hit triangle on Now Playing and there it is.


Volume Normalisation
The general rule of thumb seems to be that the older a track is the lower the overall level of the volume.  If you have playlists as eclectic as mine the volume will fluctuate wildly between tracks.  As I sit here writing this with VidZone on in the background Florence and the Machine has just made way for The Boomtown Rats and Sir Bob sounds barely half as loud as Florence did.

Playlist of Recently Downloaded Songs
VidZone stores the last 20 or so songs that have been downloaded on your PS3’s harddisk.  If those stored tracks could be in a playlist you would have around an hour and a half of music videos that would not need to be downloaded.  If you are on a slow connection or are getting close to your download limit for the month it could help.  Obviously you would still need to be connected to the Internet for VidZone to run and show ads.

Search Text Entry
Building a playlist can be extremely painful and take a lot longer than it should owing to the clumsy way you have to select each character when filling in the search field.  It would be nice to at least have the option of actually typing it in using a keyboard or the PS3’s standard on-screen text pad.

Use Fullscreen on Widescreen TVs

Simple one this, one a widescreen TV use the whole screen.  If not for the VidZone interface then at least for widescreen videos.

One final note, it would be good to see VidZone available throughout the EU but short of some licensing miracle that’s not something the VidZone team could easily fix so I leave it as merely a footnote to the list.  If you are in one of the countries lucky enough to be able to access VidZone what would you fix?