Unannounced PS3 Product Tomorrow?

We’ve been sitting on this for a good half hour, but it looks like PlayStation Lifestyle have gone and posted it, so we’re simply following suit.

Essentially, it appears that a few sites (including ours) were emailed a PDF allegedly from Gamescom detailing Sony’s hardware plans, conference times etc.  We can’t vouch for its authenticity but it certainly appears to look convincing enough and whilst we won’t be reproducing the document here on TheSixthAxis, we can confirm that alongside the two dev PS3s that’ll be on stage tomorrow the PDF mentions that there’ll also be one “PlayStation 3” with “Unannounced Product / Discretion advised by Client” in brackets after it.

This, we assume, is the fabled PS3 Slim.  The document also confirms the presence of both Kaz Hirai and Andrew House, although again we stress that this could all be fabricated by the illustrious tipster in question – the date in the text on the PDF in particular says September, not August, suggesting there’s little validity to the document.