EA Fitness Game Coming to PS3?

The fastest growing genre in the last year or so, has, unsurprisingly, been fitness. Before the Wii and it’s balance board, the best it got was Eyetoy Kinetic but suddenly now, middle-aged women up and down the country are going wild for a Wii and a slice of it’s fitness action.

Though according to a recent tweet from the UK Official Playstation Magazine team, Playstation users could be getting their very own version of EA’s.. EA Sports Active. All they say is this:

Also, @nathanditum spoke to Peter Moore, who said a fitness game on the PS3 was ‘the first conversation’ with Sony about motion control.

So we can’t take this as confirmation of one actually existing, but I’d say that it’s pretty much a certainty that one will appear. With fitness as popular as it is, Sony would be stupid to turn this one down.

Source: Twitter