EA Sports Active Coming To PS3/Xbox

A titbit on the Curriculum Vitae from the lead programmer at Electronic Arts Canada has unintentionally revealed the existence of the Wii title “EA Sports Active” for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. Listed under ‘September 2009 – Present’ the very helpful Sean Quinn tell us;

EA SPORTS Active (Xbox 360/PS3) – Developed the DLC plan, Performed extensive debugging and optimization.


Sean also informs us that a title that we previously knew to be making the move from Wii to Xbox and PS3 motion control, ‘Grand Slam Tennis’, has been ‘postponed indefinitely’.

I guess Sean’s boss may be having a word with him sometime soon, but why not help ease his inevitable ear bashing with a cheery “Thanks Sean” in the comments section, I’m sure he would appreciate it. Thanks Sean!

Source: Superannuation.