Crash Commando Goes On Sale, New Levels

If you’re yet to pick up Crash Commando, the high impact shooting title is just about to become even more irresistible with a wallet friendly price cut, for a limited time. From August 27, 2009 until September 10, 2009, Crash Commando will be reduced to half price, dropping from £7.99 to £3.99.

According to PlayStation, the price cut comes with the release of great selection of new game packs to enhance your Crash Commando experience. The Heist Map Pack contains two new large standard maps to play with the new Heist mode where the acquisition of cash is just as important as eliminating your enemies. Heist can be played on and offline, and new Trophies are also available to win.


On top of Heist, there is also the chance to download the character double packs, Colonel Chaos & Army Chick, Gangsta Rapper & Reggae Rasta and Nukem Ninja & Maid Mayhem, each with their own distinct look and taunts. The packs can be purchased individually or together with the Heist Map Pack in the Crash Commando combo pack.

Great stuff.

Thanks, Snebjnr, via