Lost And Damned? No, It’s Not Coming

Yesterday we excitedly ran with a rumour that Lost and Damned was heading to the PS3 based off the simple fact that screens showing The Lost and Damned were running in a fenced off section of Gamescom with lots of PS3 nearby.  Of course, when you’ve got PS3 Community Moderator Yaster saying things like “they were certainly showing some PS3 love – Grand Theft Auto: The Lost and the Damned was available to play in a special 18+ area” on the EU forums (which was swiftly removed) things click into place faster than we can hit that “publish” button.

You can see where we’d get the idea from, right? The cold, hard reality is that Lost and Damned isn’t coming to the PS3.  The images on the screens were simply advertising the disk-based expansions for the Xbox 360 version and just happened to be on a reel next to the PS3 demo units.  Rest assured that if Rockstar were to ever announce downloadable chapters for the PS3 version of Grand Theft Auto IV they’d make a much bigger deal of it than just shoving it into a cage at Gamescom were people can blab about it on forums.  At least, that’s what we’d do.

Thanks, Onlineatron, photo credit: www.community-team.com