Sony Losing $100 On Every Slim?

Sony might have silenced a few critics last week when it finally confirmed the PS3 Slim, but according to claims by an analyst on Japanese television that they’re losing $100 on each PS3 Slim that will be sold, the electronics giant might still have shareholders to answer to. The TV show featuring the story, a Tokyo-based news program called Pipitto! Keizai Koukishin, pinned the material cost for the PS3 at ¥40,000 and said that with a price drop to just under ¥30,000 Sony’s losses will increase with every system they sell.

You’ll recall that back in May, Sony’s Chief Financial Officer Nobuyuki Oneda revealed that Sony was losing 10% on every PS3 shifted and we doubt that situation has improved much.

However, I’m not entirely sure that the television show in question fully understood the differences in the PS3 Slim. The new model has the smaller form factor and casing, smaller fan and presumably (now) cheaper Blu-ray drive in addition to the lighter weight; but whilst we’re sure all of above won’t contribute to massive savings there’s every chance that the Slim won’t cost Sony quite as much to manufacturer and ship as the old model.  Are they losing $100 on every ‘fat’ PS3 now sold?  Possibly.  Are they going to lose $100 on every PS3 Slim?  We’d hope not…

Via AndriaSang.