Pirate Ship in Home

Last week during Gamescom, nDreams, the developers behind Xi and more recently the events held within each PlayStation events space, posted a link to a hidden page on their site of a screenshot of a pirate ship in PlayStation Home. The ship looks as though it’s in similar surroundings as the Red Bull Air Race and Red Bull Flug Tag spaces. This is all we have to go by, being just a teaser image accompanied by the text “Pirate Galleon”.

Despite my evaluation of the nDreams spaces coming either two weeks ago or the 27th, it would seem that this space isn’t coming this Thursday. Although nDreams stated around the 1st August that their new content would be coming “very soon”, Patrick O’Luanaigh, CEO of nDreams tweets “More info in the next few weeks…”. As this was posted on the 21st, that covers last week, and the two weeks from now before the next Home update. So if nDreams’ “very soon” content isn’t coming this week, should we expect it in a fortnight? There’s nothing to say that the rest of the previously announced content won’t be coming this Thursday, so fingers crossed eh? Very tightly that is.



Source: nDreams via Patrickol Twitter