Red Bull Flugtag Coming to Home

If you’ve already visited the Presentation Podium today in PlayStation Home, you’ll have seen it all done up ready for the Gamescom event. Taking a look at the big presentation screen, you’ll see a looping trailer for the EU Home, taking a look at past and present spaces. We know Home is on the talking agenda for Sony’s presentation at Gamescom, so it’s perhaps likely that this trailer will be shown on the day.

If you take a look more closely however, half way through the video a space appears which isn’t currently available in any Home territories. This is labelled ‘Flugtag Game Space’, and shows a similar island surrounding to the current ‘Red Bull Air Race’ space, along with a large pig being thrown off the side of a short pier. We know that the real-life game is based on creating your own contraption that you think will take you the furthest through the air before you come crashing down into the water below. Some people make hand gliders, while others deliberately make massive rubber ducks just for fun. The crazier the better. It’s pure speculation how this game will be implemented into PlayStation Home, but looking at how the game is played in real life, and at Sony’s ‘Game 3.0’ view, this could possibly be one of the first user-generated content games that we’ve seen hit the Home service.


To see the kind of ‘aircraft’ that the real-life game produces, check out the video below. Could Red Bull really be bringing this to EU Home? Every other space shown in the Presentation Podium is available in the EU Home, so the odds are extremely high.