Today’s PSN Downtime Not For Firmware 3.0

We guessed yesterday that today’s PSN maintenance was partly to do with Sony prepping for PS3 firmware 3.0. We still believe that this is the case, but we now know for sure that we won’t actually be getting the new software update until next week, as originally planned.  SCEE’s Jem told us that the downtime was “to prepare for many of the announcements we made at Gamescom” which could refer to the PS3 Slim, the European video store or even PSP minis, but we’re quietly confident that any shipping Slims (we believe some are heading out today) will still be popping up with Firmware 3.0 awaiting them.

So, when the PSN pops back up chances are we won’t be seeing anything different, but rest assured that behind the scenes things will be set in place and all ready for whatever requires them.


Thanks, mjohnston.