Lumines To Receive A Price Drop

Thinking about purchasing either Lunines Supernova or Lumines Live from the PSN or XBLA? Well I have only two things to tell you.

1. DO IT!
2. Not quite yet..


As part of a marketing push, Q Entertainment are dropping the price of the console versions of the game and will be releasing an iphone version too. To coincide with this, Supernova’s Holiday Pack, which was only ever available in the US at Christmas, will be seeing a re-release and hopefully, a European one too.

I seriously recommend this game to anyone who wants a nice title on their XMB that’s great for turning a 3 minutes into 3 hours. I talk from experience. I was recently shocked when I discovered that in the past six months, I have poured over seventy hours into the game.

Whilst we don’t have any concrete dates or figures yet, know that the cuts are coming and that you’d be missing out on one of the greatest puzzlers ever if you weren’t to take advantage of them.

Source: 1up