PSPgo To Allow Game Patches?

Will PSPgo games be patchable? I’d heard a couple of discussions on this over the last few weeks and the more I think about it, the more it seems entirely plausible.  Essentially, games downloaded from the PSN Store come bundled in a bespoke encrypted package format, but that shouldn’t stop the developers being able to push out small files containing fixes and changes to the main executables via the Store as they do with PlayStation 3, PC and Xbox 360 games.

What’s perhaps more relevant is that as far as we know nothing’s set in stone over at Sony regarding this. Whilst the iPhone and Android allow notification of updates it’s the whole thing that gets downloaded each time there’s a patch required, and with some PSP games reaching into much bigger file sizes we can’t, for example, see many people being happy with that sort of patch to Gran Turismo PSP if the game ships with any kind of bug.

We spoke to one developer recently who confirmed our thoughts: that as far as they were aware there’s no such update process in place yet.  With large titles like Motorstorm launching alongside the PSPgo (and of course, the same principle applies to UMD-based PSPs because they can download from the Store just the same) we’re a little concerned that at the moment, if the worst comes to the worst and something needs fixing we’re going to have to grab the entire thing instead of a much smaller patch.

Who knows what Sony has in plans for the PlayStation Store, though.  Let’s hope there’s a few firmware-based modifications to the way games are delivered before the go is released. Which reminds me, where are all the games to download, and what of the plans to transfer our UMD games to the digital format, because if we’re meant to be sending them off to Sony in exchange for a redemption code on the Store, there’s only a month left?