Firmware 3.00 Hits, And We Don’t Like It

So, as we said yesterday, Firmware 3.00 is now upon us, and whilst we’ll be investigating fully during the day and reporting in a far more structured way, first impressions aren’t exactly positive despite all the new features.  Firstly, what the hell’s up with the icons and fonts being so much bigger?  I’m running a 1080p set and it now looks like 720p – gone is the uber slick XMB and in it’s place is something with ugly fonts and far too big images. And then there’s the folder navigation – why on Earth did Sony feel the need to hide all the names of things other than the one we’re hovering on?  The friends list?  What’s up with the massive grey box?  And the animated LBP theme – we have to pay for it?  Really, Sony?

Oh, and good luck trying to get rid of that news ticker.


Still, in terms of actual stuff the new update does well, news ticker aside the status bar is much better because now I can see I have a message even if I’m not in front of the PS3 when the message notification pops up, much like the 360’s interface, but the rest of cool stuff is, as ever, hidden away in the ‘stealth’ updates.  Firstly, remote play is now expanded to mobile phones, which we presume includes the Aino which we’ve talked about before, and the video playback controls via the analog sticks is a really neat feature.  So, what do you think of the new firmware update?  The images below show the BBC iPlayer link (just a link to the website), the What’s New area and the horrible grey boxes around your Friends.

Let us know in the comments as we delve in a take a closer look at one of the most marmite-like updates so far…

Thanks, SpikeyMikey23.