Gran Turismo Release Date?

The release date of Gran Turismo and the Loch Ness Monster share one thing in common. Nobody knows a damn thing about them. Once you get past the speculation and rumors, there hasn’t been a concrete piece of truth regarding either of them since their legends began. The latest chapter in the Gran Turismo tale comes from who have a supposed list of PAL PS3 Slim bundles which, if true, sees 7 different packages coming before christmas which we’ve posted below.

PS3 Slim with Need for Speed Shift. 1st October – 25,000 units
PS3 Slim with 2 Blu Rays. October
PS3 Slim with Uncharted 2. 14th October – 50,000 units
PS3 Slim with PES 2010. 24th October – 50,000 units
PS3 Slim with Tekken 6. 4th November – 25,000 units
PS3 Slim with Assassin’s Creed 2. 19th November – 25,000 units
PS3 Slim with Gran Turismo 5. 4th December – 75,000 units

It’s the bottom one we’re interested in. As of yet, there are still no concrete dates in Europe for either Gran Turismo or Uncharted 2 so, if this list is correct, we can expect both to hit by the 14th of October and 4th of December at the very latest.

Like we said, the level of truth in this list is currently unknown. All are said to be priced at €339 which would make sense considering a game would be bundled with each. The production numbers for each would suggest that this list is only for one country but still make sense with two of the most popular titles receiving an extra 25,000 units and with Gran Turismo 5 having the most with 75,000 units.

In fact, the only thing that doesn’t really make sense in the list is that Assassin’s Creed 2 is only at 25,000 units. Judging on the popularity of it’s predecessor, I would have thought that it would have more of a push behind it. Also, Sony’s other big exclusive, Ratchet and Clank isn’t present, but that could all be down to the market that this is aimed at. It’s speculated that this list is for the French so maybe they just don’t like intergalactic space travel or killing Italians.

Thanks, Shyru