God Of War Collection Not For Europe

Thank Zeus, we now have a name for the God Of War collection. It’s called the God Of War Collection, and it’s a collection of two God Of War games, with the PSP version presumably being shoehorned in to the forthcoming God Of War Collection: Director’s Cut.  I’ve no idea why the boffins at Sony can hack in PlayStation 2 support but fail to include one of the PSP’s best games yet, unless of course they actually want you to buy Chains of Olympus for the PSP.  You should, it’s mind blowing.


So, that’s the rather uninspiring box art, complete with daft header graphics.  This box art could have been awesome, and feel free to get Microsoft Paint out and be a little creative – the best ones we’ll send to SCEE and force them to use when they bring the package out over here.  Sorry, what’s that?  They’re not doing?  “We are currently looking into options to bring God of War I and II to SCEE consumers on PS3; however it will not be possible to release the games this calendar year,” said Sony Europe.

“We will provide further information in due course.”  Oh, right.  Thanks.  Well, in the meantime we’ll rejoice in the fact that other publishers are interested in bringing their PS2 games over to the PS3 in similarly repackaged exploits. “We are constantly exploring unique ways to expose players to some of our legacy titles such as Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill”, a Konami representative Kotaku. “Re-releasing games on Blu-ray presents an exciting opportunity for a publisher, however we have no announcements at this time”.

And as for Capcom?  “I don’t want anyone reading this the wrong way (as I’m not saying anything like this could happen) but I’m seeing some interested for DMC to get this treatment”, said Capcom’s Christian Svensson on the company’s Unity forums. “Are there other titles you’d like see go this way? I’m looking for some temperature readings”.  We’re thinking how about some remakes of Megaman, we can never have enough of that silly little sprite.  No, seriously, Resident Evil box-set, please guys – that could be utterly wonderful, and you can throw in Resident Evil 4, we won’t mind.

Just sure there’s a European release before Mount Olympus freezes over.

Thanks, Erroneus, radiobridge, illogicology, superjag86 and Kratos himself.