Rental Reviews 03/09/09

After a bit of a break Rental Reviews is back with the round-up for the Batman: Arkham Asylum Demo reviews. Opinion was not split in the slightest with this one, everyone loved it! You can read the TSA impressions of the demo here and the review of the full game here.


Just two member reviews this week because there was no disagreement!


TSA member Snebjnr loved the demo:

Anyway, the game throws you into the action by showing the player that Batman has (once again) captured The Joker. Upon handing him into the guards at Arkham, Batman realises that something isn’t right – and just at that moment Joker breaks loose and raises Hell in the Asylum!

The graphics are quite simply awesome, and the Gameplay is equally impressive – as the flowing of the combat is controlled through the use of the “square” button and the left stick. Batman can freely move around his foes and beat them silly!

The stealth sections, however, are what really bring out the shine in the game as they involve Batman hunting each prisoner, one by one, and picking them off, Which then causes fear in the rest. Batman can grapple, climb and glide his way around the surrounding area in order to reach his targets.

Lastly, The voice acting in the game is brilliant as most actors are from the Animated Series of Batman. With Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill playing Batman & The Joker respectively.

The only faults in the game would be it’s sometimes dumb AI and the lack of a second attack button – In my opinion! –

Other than that, a suberb take on the Dark Knights world


TSA member radiobridge Also had nothing but love for the demo, well, almost…

Right bad points first. The demo is a little on the short side and Commissioner Gordon is alarmingly well muscled but that’s it for nitpicks here. Batman Arkham Asylum Demo is everything I hoped it would be and more.

After the initial cut scene which itself gives you the feel that you are about to enter Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight world, we are left with the Joker taking over Arkham Asylum and leaving our hero taking on a few homicidal psychopaths who have been set loose by the Joker.

The game part for us all starts off with a nice trusty scrap with some wannabe psychos whom are quickly dispatched with the trusty square /triangle  combo the demo continues  letting you have a little play with the basic game mechanics, L2 for Detective mode and R1 for grappling (which i think there will be a lot of when i continue on the full game) the controls seem pretty solid.

Other notable pluses are the music score (which could be by Hans Zimmer Himself) the voice acting which is spot on, and finally the Graphics which are up there with any game I’ve played basically an aural and visual treat.

Sadly the demo is over quite quickly but leaves me totally convinced I will be playing the full game very soon.

Christ, it will make you feel like Batman.


The TSA full game review score was 9/10

The average user score for the demo was 8.8/10

In order to attempt to avoid any more unscheduled breaks for Rental Reviews I’m going to try it with a slightly different format. I’ve set up a forum thread here in which I’d like you to spend the next week putting forward your suggestions for the next game we review. Next Thursday evening I’ll pick one and announce it here and then we’ll have another week before reviews are published.