My Top Ten: Relaxing Games

It’s been a bit of a stressful week at TSA Towers, we’ve had a lot going on and a lot to try to get on top of. There doesn’t seem to be any hope of it calming down either, with reviews underway and features in the process of coming together we have a lot to keep us busy. Sometimes we need a little bit of time to sooth our frazzled brains. These are the games I choose to go to when I want a bit of down time, let us know what games you use to relax in the comments.


  • Flower – so relaxing it’s difficult to finish without falling asleep. Half an hour of Flower before bed and you’ll sleep like a kitten.
  • Auditorium – This is a flash game that many of you might not know about. It’s absolutely brilliant, the visuals and music make it compelling and relaxing even when the puzzles get really difficult.
  • Boomshine – Now available as an iPhone game, this is simple, quirky and relaxing. Tap the dots to make them swell and activate any other dots they contact. You have a set number to reach for each level but there’s no pressure.
  • Flow – A previous game from the makers of Flower. Guide your aquatic organism through levels of the ocean to consume other glowing organisms. Compelling and endearing without any pressure.
  • Peggle – This is extremely addictive but, although there are small moments of tension, you never feel under pressure. You can pass a couple of hours without even really thinking.
  • Professor Layton – What better way to relax than with a few little puzzles? No speedy reactions required; no tense or scary moments; just a little gentle mental stimulation.
  • Rez – Alright, it’s a rail shooter but the effect of the lights, music and motion can be extremely relaxing. So much so that some have likened the effects of a session with Rez to a hypnotic state.
  • PixelJunk Eden – There are points in this game that can be frustrating but the overall package is another one where music, visuals and motion combine to make a compellingly soothing package.
  • Myst – A point-and-click adventure set on a deserted island. You don’t get a lot of guidance so you can just wander about in your own time finding clues and enjoying the gradual build of the storyline.
  • Tetris – Perhaps the ultimate “meditation game”. People have been known to start playing Tetris and wake up six hours later when the batteries in their GameBoy die with nothing to indicate where their time has gone. It’s like the Rohypnol of video games.