WarDevil Still Alive – To Be Revealed Next Month

Wrongly dismissed by some as vapour-ware, Digi-guys’ WarDevil (now subtitled Unleash The Beast Within) is still in development at their London studio some 4 years after its first E3 reveal.  WarDevil first appeared on the PlayStation 3 scene at the birth of the console and was seen as a poster-child for the technical ability of Sony’s new baby, but the Ealing based developers have remained quiet for some time leading many to propose that the WarDevil project is dead.

This, thankfully, isn’t the case, with a full reveal of the project due next month.


Digi-guys’ rather interesting self developed RTE1080 engine, which is short for Real Time Engine, promises 1080p 60 frames per second visuals intended to surpass current pre-rendered full motion video sequences and, according to the developers, “allows the use of assets and materials ‘live’ in-engine as well as in a Blu-ray movie” with the team playing host to an in-house motion capture floor, 7.1 audio suite and video editing suite.

WarDevil is now thought to be releasing on both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 according to recruitment adverts for programmers for both consoles.  Digi-guys are also looking for games artists, technical artists, high end CGI artists and a whole host of audio and production crew to work on both WarDevil and the corresponding WarDevil Chronicles CGI movie, both of which are presumably being authored using the RTE1080 engine as the studio establishes its video game and movie production pipeline.

You can find the official WarDevil site here, which promises a full “reveal” next month.