Help with Slimming Down

Tired of that heavy feeling? Fed up with the noise associated with being ‘chunky’? Then buy a PS3 Slim! It beats dieting any day.

First off, I would like to say that this article is not intended to patronise, it is for those out there who, like me, are a bit nervous when it comes to messing with things that you don’t fully understand. I am aware that there are some members whose technical knowledge far surpasses mine and will probably chuckle at the simplicity of this problem, but, like I say, this is for us dunces out there. Hopefully this article will help those looking to slim down, get the job done without any fuss. I know I probably annoyed a few people whilst making the transition, and for that I apologise.


Anyhoo! I finally wanted to by-pass the seemingly inevitable YLOD and decided to bite the bullet and upgrade. But how do I save everything? Will I lose game saves? Will my trophies disappear? These are the genuine questions I found myself asking. Well in order to make the transition as smooth as possible, you have 2 main options. There are things that need to be done for both options towards the bottom of this article.

Option 1
The quickest and easiest way of saving everything is, of course, the ‘Back Up’ function within the ‘System Settings’ menu. If you can do this without any problems, then you are nice and safe. Not to mention lucky! Just back up onto your chosen storage device and restore onto your new, less-shiny model.

Option 2
If, like me, when you attempt Option 1 you get the error message:

“Back Up could not be completed (8001002A)”

Then, I’m afraid you have a corrupted HDD. At this point you will probably be measuring your window to see if the fat PS3 will fly through it without any problems. In this instance, it is now a case of damage control. First you will need to save everything you can, most noticeably game save data, manually. This is easy enough to do. Just go to the data, press triangle and click ‘copy’. However, you will come across a few files that might not want to do as they are told. I like to call these files ‘Mother #@*$£{*’. This is not something that you can get around and will have to come to terms with. Personally I had issues with Killzone 2, Red Faction Profile (although not the game saves), Guitar Hero: World Tour (oddly enough GH 3 and GH: Aerosmith both copied without hassle) and Call of Juarez. Also Fat Princess fails to copy but then again, that’s just another fail for that game in my opinion. Once all of the possible game saves are copied onto your storage device, the next thing to do is the housekeeping.

Highly recommended for both options:

Firstly, sync your trophies to represent the most up-to-date list. This will ensure you don’t lose any of your hard-earned shiny symbols of accomplishment.

  1. Deactivate your account. This ensures that one of your machine activations is not taken up unnecessarily. To do this, just visit your account management section, click ‘Activation’ and de-activate. Just reverse this for when you want to activate your new machine.
  2. Delete any PSN downloaded games. No one would be able to play them anyway if your user is deleted but it’s good form I think. Same goes for any music or video you might have stored.
  3. Lastly, and scariest of all, delete your User account. This is scary due to the warning message that Sony will then present you with. They are one step short of foreseeing Hell, Fire and Brimstone. In order to this you will need to create a basic user account. In my case I just went with User 1. This will allow you to delete all other accounts you have due to the fact that the system needs at least one account to work with.

Having done all of that, you are now ready for the slimmer version to come in and take over. Sure, your existing model will be upset and there will probably be some form of guilt-trip, but persevere and you’ll forget that noisy hussy within minutes.

Annoyingly, the slims are not provided with FW3.0, so this will be your first job. Get it over and done with. Then, in no particular order, sync your trophies (yes they were all there. Phew!), and copy your game saves back onto the HDD. There is no ‘group copy’ function here so you will have to do each one by hand. Joy!  Then all that is left is to re-download all the PSN stuff you want and you are back to full working order.

Now it is also worth mentioning that when trading in an older console, you will need to also trade in the controller, AV cable and Ethernet cable if it came with your system. Taking just the console and power lead may result in you having to go all the way back home, then back into town! I, in no way had to do that!

So there you have it. Besides the fact that the new model is smaller and quieter than a dead mime artist, £80 for the trade is actually a bargain. You will more than likely get a free game in the bundle and a Dualshock controller in return for a standard controller. If, like me, you have the games on offer, or have no interest in the games on offer, you can swap the game for a extended warranty. Happy Days!