Sparkles Aren’t All Bad

I’m sure that most people know I don’t hold the the recent firmware update in high regard, in fact I’m extremely annoyed that Sony saw the need to change the once sleek UI into something altogether not so nice. Seemingly focusing on the users whom are still to update to a HDTV by increasing the size of everything, forsaking the early adopters who in all probability, are more likely to have a HDTV and find the new icons not so clean, crisp and sleek as before. Further to this Sony should be applauded for trying to get more users to the regularly visit the PSN Store, but as regular downloader of content I’d prefer the option to disable the new icons which clutter my menus. It must be obvious to more people than just me, that a toggle option, both for the larger display and the new icons would be the most suitable option. Oh, and don’t get me started on the grey boxes, if they’re for a forthcoming feature then perhaps wouldn’t they be better launched when it’s finished.

Its not all bad news however at least as far as UK users are concerned, as the newly added TV option with its iPlayer shortcut is proving very popular, how popular you ask? Well according to the BBC’s Anthony Rose in less than a week the PS3 accounted for a massive 10% of iPlayer traffic overtaking the Mac (8.5%) in the process. Anthony goes on to talk about the work the BBC have done in making the iPlayer suitable for viewing on a large screen, with enhanced resolution and all sorts of other techie stuff which they’ve implemented to take advantage of the hardware acceleration in full screen mode which Sony made possible with 3.0

Handily for customers who are experiencing problems, and maybe waiting on a post on the EU blog for help, support, advice or just any announcement at all, Rose also includes quite a few tips to help users overcome some of teething problems, including the tip to disable the screensaver which causes the screen to dim after twenty minutes by default. Anyone got any more Firmware 3.0 goodness, let us know in the comments below.