PS3 iPlayer Usage Shows Impressive Figures

PS3 owners really do have a wealth of media features to choose from when booting up their machine. It has been revealed that the PS3 has helped boost the BBC iPlayer’s usage no end, with an impressive seven million show requests in December.  This has helped bump up the total iPlayer requests to 145 million; breaking all sorts of records, curing diseases, and locating the lost city of ‘Bob’ (probably…).

Have you used any of the ‘on-demand’ services for the PS3?

Source: BBC



  1. Only the RTE Player and 4OD are available in Ireland. I’ve used neither if I’m being honest.

    TV rots your brain.

    • Is that ironic? I think video games are much the same :)

    • and we’re on the internet

  2. I have used iPlayer and 4oD only. ITV Player doesn’t seem to work on an standard def TV.

    • ITV player works fine on my spare STD tv. Though the quality is a bit dodgy sometimes.

      • The quality of programming is a bit dogy.

      • Your TV has an STD?
        Or do you mean your spare SDTV?

  3. Don’t have any :(

  4. My kids, cbeebies that’s where the figures come from. I use the VideoZone service fairly often as well. Mubi is sh*t.

  5. The tv players are free of course which is great but they seem to suffer from ‘out of memory’ errors a lot due to the browser.

    • I get that problem every time I try and watch an episode of Shameless at the halfway mark

      • Yeah, anything over half hour seems to do that on 4OD especially but i can watch a 2 hour show on RTE Player.

  6. I use Iplayer… maybe 4od but the programmes always freeze a bit. The ITV player is a completly different tale though its horrible and even worse its utv….

    Meh I hardly use them…

  7. iplayer is good, ITV one is terrible. I use it now and again when I miss Merlin ;-)

  8. For some reason Match Of The Day isn’t on BBC iPlayer, so I don’t bother….

    • Match of the day 2 come on on tuesday/wednesday at midnight. They can’t put MOTD on because of the right they have with sky I think.

  9. Iplayer has been a life saver for me, honestly couldn’t do without it. Thank you bbc and sony.

  10. I only use iPlayer and thats to catch up on Silent Witness. Plus I watched The men who stare at goats on it, and Wall-E.

    Other than that, I don’t really use them.

    • yeha i use it when ever there is a film on i want tot see or something that demands my full attention.
      god i loved Wall-e

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