Second Nature Announcement Inbound


God I hate not having the Internet. Having recently moved into my new house I’m still without connection to the rest of the world. Nevertheless, I have managed to sort things out and finally bring this post to your screens. For those of you that are familiar with Second Nature will already know and love us – as no-one could possibly hates us; for those of you that don’t, I shall elaborate. Second Nature originated out of two gamer’s love for games. Beginning at University of Sussex as a radio show with myself and now fellow TSA writer Kris, we would spend half the show talking about and discussing games – with the other half filled with random musings and cake.

Since the slow initial start, we’ve since conducted interviews with some Brighton-based developers and expanded the show into a podcast as well. As we have both since graduated – we both did well, thanks for asking – the radio show has therefore had to stop. This did not deter us though; whenever we couldn’t put out a radio show, we always made sure to put on some sort of show, even when geography set out on disrupting us; that was until recently. After a brief spell on the sidelines to the difficulties of job/house hunting, which are now finally out of the way, we will be bringing Second Nature back.

For those of you that follow our Twitter feed will know that we’ve been teasing away recently about an incoming announcement. Luckily for us, the powers that reside on the top floor of TSA Towers have allowed us to announce it via the site to gain a bit more publicity.

As you may have realised by now, that this is not actually the announcement itself, oh no, we don’t just want to give it to you willy-nilly. Everyone enjoys a good rumour or two, so it’s time to crank up the good’ol rumour-mill! So it’s time to get guessing, what is the announcement for Second Nature going to be? First person to correctly guess it in the comments will win 25 TSA points [but obviously we won’t say when/if someone’s got it right until the announcement]. Until the near future, enjoy another little teaser and make sure you listen to the Second Nature podcasts already on iTunes and find out what you’re missing.

Second Nature Announcement Teaser