Second Nature – Episode 25 – Live Again


Now, I shall keep this brief. Unfortunately for a while both Kris and I were too ill to get to do a podcast with any real quality. So, once we were both feeling somewhat chirpier, we decided to test an unscheduled live show. For that reason, you may well hear us chatting to what seem like imaginary people but it really is just some of you good folk here at TSA that were around when we wanted to broadcast. For future Second Nature Live shows we will be giving a more substantial warning and also have some exciting things in the work to increase the enjoyment of an already (possibly) fantastic show.

As always the show is available on iTunes, via the RSS gremlins or, if you like your content in a less automated fashion, just grab the MP3 here. Every time you download it you make an invisible counting imp shed a tear of joy.

Feel free to drop up us a line at secondnaturepodcast [at] gmail [dot] com with comments, suggestions, or recommendations of, well anything really.

Oh and big kudos to musical genius Lewis for our special intro for this week.