XMB Gets Some Proper Design Work

EU PlayStation 3 member user Scorchio has come up with some brilliant tweaks to the current XMB in the face of all the criticism Sony’s new UI has prompted. He’s created a thread over on the EU Forums but here, with permission of the author, are some of the best bits:

Gamer ID Card: The current grey gamer cards are pretty horrendous, they take up far to much screen space, especially if you have lots of friends. A better solution would be to use the card on the chosen friend in the list. The card also contains current trophy information.


This gives instant information on your friends trophy status without having to delve deeper through the navigation.

Friends List: Gamer ID profile. Rather than a small gamer card which shows little information that needs to be scrolled through (L1-R1), have one page containing all the information including, a full trophy list, messaging and chat buttons etc.

Which makes it so much easier to view a friends details.

With a press of a button (e.g. square) a mini version of your profile will show for easy comparison of trophies.

Smart, eh? And Scorchio has even created a Youtube video explaining all these new features, which we hope you’ll agree is pretty damned clever – I don’t know about you but I’d drop the current post-firmware 3.0 for his changes in a heartbeat. Sony, we hope you’re paying attention.

Scorchio tells us he’s a graphic designer based in the UK, and here’s the full page of his work if anyone at Sony wants to give him a shout.