Sony’s New 2013 XMB In Action

Sony’s 2013 range of television sets boast a brand new, rotated XMB interface. The video below shows a Bravia W900 in action (shown off in Weybridge last week after Sony’s CES demos), and it’s clearly a snappy, easy to use UI. Expect to see this in multiple devices this year.

Whether or not we’ll see anything like this in the PS4 is obviously up for discussion, but with Sony moving on from the traditional horizontal XMB strips in their TVs, it’s unlikely to be returning for their next generation console. Hopefully we’ll find out soon enough.

Source: Sony Fanatic.



  1. not very pretty or anything, but looks simple and easy to use.
    and, i’d prefer simple and easy to use rather than pretty.

    • Its not very pretty, but it’s fast ad functional.

      • No please, it shouldn’t be quickly filled with ads.

      • I meant and, obviously.

  2. if its quick and easy to use, then they have done their job.

  3. Looks decent, but I have got to say it looks very much like the Xbox dashboard version that was launched back in Fall 2010.

    • Similarly, have a look at Windows Media Centre (I guess what that Xbox dashboard was based on), I swear Sony are even using the same font.

  4. Yeah, I can see this being used on the PS4, well a variant of it obviously. I like it, nice and clean, decent images to quickly understand what you’re looking at. Looks like it just works.

  5. Just needs the singstar advert and its ready to go.

  6. Seems like a system slightly better suited for a menu with less content, like on a TV compared to what you’d expect on a multimedia console.

    I’d rather have a fullscreen page-based menu like on the Vita, but with dedicated pages and that makes better use of the screens real-estate. And have it scroll between pages horizontally. It would work far better with Move too.

  7. Am I the only one who is truly in love with the minimalistic style of the current XMB? While reason tells me that this layout makes more sense on a wide screen display, I’ll cling to the original with my life…

    • I’m with you on that one.

    • Me too. And if anything, this one looks slower with the gimmicky animation. Whiffs of GUI R&D guys trying to keep busy…

    • I prefer the Xmb over any Console, the Vita or anything similar… would be so much better if I had games, music, apps in lists rather than apps imo.

  8. Does it come with a Singstar icon that you cannot get rid of?

    • I contacted Sony over that Singstar malarkey. My point being that I’ve paid for dynamic themes and I want to see the bloody things. So I asked for a refund on the dynamic themes that I’d purchased. Sonys’ reply was basically tough luck and a load of PR crap about Singstar.

      • Pathetic. It’s a SINGLE icon! It doesn’t change anything about your dynamic themes anymore than any other game does when you put it in the PS3.

        Here’s an idea: press left, right , up or down and your precious dynamic theme will be in full motion.

        So much stupid moaning over a single icon all over the internet is boring me. Firstworldproblems much?

      • But it ruined my life! I now have to spend a few more seconds scrolling up. DAMN YOU SONY! Screw this, goodbye cruel world! :P

  9. I was wondering this recently. There’s a lot of talk about what’s going to be inside the next PlayStation, the feature it’ll have and the games that we’ll play on it, but no real talk of how we’re actually going to interact with it in terms of the main menu.

    I know that a lot if people like the minimalist look of the XMB but i also know that people want a flashier, more colourful, interface too, so it’ll be interesting to see what we end up with.

    • I’ve nothing against the current XMB but something more modern or, like you say, flashier would be welcome.

      • I’m in the same boat and very intrigued as to what Sony will give us, at first anyway. Let’s hope the PS4’s OS is a little more malleable than the PS3’s.

        Still can’t believe there was a time where the in-game XMB didn’t exist.

  10. I WANT THAT TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P :P :P (or just a 46” HD SONY TV with NFC)
    + A Xperia ZL phone + A Xperia Tablet Z + A PS4(of course) :P GOD i will be skint by the end of 2013 then!!! LoL:D
    + It looks nice that but i am fine with what we got now on the PS3. Oh well.

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