Sony’s New 2013 XMB In Action

Could we be seeing something similar on the PS4 this year? And if not, it’s still rather pretty.

Rumour: New XMB for PS3 At E3

More E3 rumours..

PS3’s XMB Redesigned, Redone

The future of the PS3?

Wicked New PS3 XMB Concepts

Looks good to us.

XMB Gets Some Proper Design Work

It’s a shame it’s taken a PS3 user to better Sony themselves.

Firmware 3.0: The New Features

A round-up of everything we’ve found so far in the new PS3 firmware 3.0.

Remote Play On Your Mobile

Sony’s new ‘phone does the whole PSP thing.

New LBP Features Revealed

Stinky cheese update ahoy! A waft of exciting new features afloat a sea of creative juices. Ew.

A Damn Fine Looking XMB

Some very nice, but fake, XMB designs. Would you like an XMB shake up?