Remote Play On Your Mobile

Whilst everyone and their Nintendog is flapping over whether or not Sony will announce a new PSP at E3, presumably with cell phone features, Sony have gone and done quite literally the reverse.  Their new Sony Ericsson phone, the Aino, allows full Remote Play functionality, allowing you to control and access media content from your PS3 over Wifi.  It’s actually a gorgeous looking phone, with a keypad and touch screen (it slides out), a 16 million colour 3 inch screen, and 8 megapixel camera and – get this – Micro SD support.

Don’t expect to be playing Pixeljunk Monsters on this from the off, though, the phone might be wonderful but it doesn’t have all the buttons and the analog stick that the PSP sports, but if the Aino can at least manage your friends and stream the odd bit of media then it’s still a pretty impressive feature list.  The Aino also supports the same brand of internet browser, Netfront, as the PSP and PS3 does, so perhaps it’s closer to a PSP phone than we first thought it might be, and it’s interesting that Sony have just broadsided the last two years of internet rumour.  Again.

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