New LBP Features Revealed

It’s Friday!

Which is a good thing for most but I imagine there are some sore heads this morning what with the chaos that took place last night. Sony’s PSN team, EA and Epic will be feeling the effects of yesterday’s fiasco. Despite the fact that he claims he doesn’t get hangovers even our very own DJH should be a little worse for ware too, but that’s another story.


Anyway, for the rest of you looking forward to a weekend I have a nice bit of news regarding everyone’s favorite hessian mascot. Last night Media Molecule aired their second podcast. Whilst it’s not as good as TSA’s one man venture into highbrow audio journalism, Media molecule have let slip a bunch of info regarding the next update to grace the world of sack.

‘Cornish Yarg’ is not only the name of some seriously hairy looking cheese but the forthcoming update due soon once Sony have finished running it through the mill at QA. Originally due for release in January, this patch is looking to add some new features to bulging the bag of tricks.

Confirmed features for the update include global lighting controllers that allow you to dynamically change the world lighting throughout the level and, to help your creative juices to flow, in game XMB music for the create mode only. Most importantly of all is the much requested frying pan slap! Now, instead of the usual dry slap sound, something more appropriate will accompany a clonk when equipped with the pan. Good stuff!

Whilst nothing was mentioned in the podcast a quick bit of digging has unearthed another possible feature to be released with the ‘Yarg’. This leaked list of patches has Cornish Yarg right up there. Oh, and next to it? That’d be Tutorials and Online Create.

Now, before you get excited remember the Online Create mode is not confirmed. I don’t want to hear back from jimmy after playtime that you’ve been shooting your mouth off about it m’kay?

Head over to Mm for the full sack-cast here.