Adarakion Developer Diary: Issue 1

Adarakion Developer Diary: Issue 1

Hello one and all! Welcome to the first of our Developer Diaries. Ill start with the formalities (the only formal thing you will see here) – I’m Lee (TSA regulars might know me as ‘gnipper’), founder and co-lead developer of Adarakion Games. I’m 31 and ¾, married with one little boy. I have been an avid gamer since I received my Commodore 64 way back in the early 80s and progressed from there to an Amiga, through to 486 PC, numerous ‘modern’ PCs and now I’m the proud owner of a PS3, 360, Wii, DSi, iPhone, gaming Laptop and PSP, our house is like gaming heaven. When I die, that’s where I want to go!

Anyway, I have been a ‘hobby’ programmer for a similar length of time, from typing in games from pre-printed books on the C64, through to using AMOS on the Amiga right up to now using Blitz 3D and C++ (which I’m currently learning). In my time I have written literally hundreds of games. Well, not complete games. Actually, probably not games at all… I’ll start again. In my time I have had literally hundreds of ideas for games, coded the intro sequence, got bored and moved on. Yeah. That’s better.


My coding bug has recently been reignited by a number of factors but my main overarching focus is to do this full time and make a living from it. That’s not an easy task. There are lots of people who want to do this and can’t, so what makes me any different? I believe (Back to the Future quote incoming) that if you set your mind to it you can accomplish anything, and it’s just a matter of putting the work, effort, and passion into a project and believing wholeheartedly in what you want to achieve.

To this end, I realised I can’t do everything myself. I’m a coder, pure and simple. I can’t draw and my design work is iffy and not deep enough to carry a story so I needed help. Luckily through the course I am currently doing there are like-minded developers and designers out there so I managed to recruit at gunpoint, sorry, using my skills of negotiation and passion about the game I wanted to create, convince a designer and a developer to come on board with me. By some amazing fluke (Twitter actually!) someone I recently attended a stag party with is an artist. He saw my blog about needing an artist and he came on board too. The team was complete, time to get cracking with our first project. Project Blast!

So, what is ‘Project Blast!’? Ill crib this from our website, so excuse the plagiarism at this point but: “Cast your mind back to a time when gaming was more about having a laugh with your mates and less about the developers’ revenue. Remember the times you would be crying with laughter over a game simply because that game was FUN. Remember the times when a few quid would buy your hours and hours of entertainment. If you can remember playing games like this then you have the very essence we are hoping to create with Project Blast!”

I won’t give too much away at this stage as we will have plenty to talk about over the coming weeks/months but the core fundamentals of Project Blast! are:

1. Multiplayer – locally first and foremost, with online option maybe developed later.
2. Customisation – want to play a game a different way with different rules, then go for it .
3. Leagues – want to see who has won the most matches between you and your mates? No problem .

I’m being purposefully vague at this moment in time so we can slowly reveal our creation with you guys. Needless to say, none of us are skilled enough (or perhaps more importantly at the moment, have the time) to produce the next GTA, so our sights are firmly set on the word ‘fun’. This doesn’t mean that quality will be an issue, FAR from it, in fact, I am hoping to get the level of polish to a VERY high level, but by focusing on the game design and key elements, we are hoping to create a pick up and play game which will not need you to invest hours to get the best from it, something very important to me personally.

The diaries written here by me and my team will take you through the various stages of development, frustrations we have with the code, where the game is headed and MAYBE discussions with publishers if it’s deemed of a high enough quality.

Check us out at I would stress and reiterate that you guys are in at ground zero here, the group is new, the website is new (as you will obviously tell), the project is new, so this is a fantastic opportunity to watch us develop and change into the next big thing. Remember, we can all dream – now where is that Delorian?