Adarakion Developer Diary: Issue 59

Another week passes. It seems to me at the moment that they are whizzing by and it will be Christmas before we know it.

It also made me realise that if I’m going to hit my own self imposed Christmas deadline then not only do I need to get cracking on RoChain, but I need to get cracking quickly.  It’s all well and good for me to make excuses about how work is eating all my free time but I need to knuckle down and get coding.  To that end I’ve actually managed to pick up the reigns a bit again this week and crack on with coding the actual game board.

This bit of the project should (relatively speaking) be quite straight forward as I found myself recycling a lot of code and data structures from RoChain – essentially I’m having to change some of the function calls to fit the new SDK but other than that its relatively straight forward at the minute… No real hair tearing our episodes to speak of.  Though I am almost certain that I have some ahead of me!

We have drafted a new RoChain logo which I will let you chaps have a look at in due course, it’s very much more stylised than the previous logo and sits really nicely with the feel and style of game we are hoping to convey – more on that in the next week or so I hope.

I think the real issue for us all with setting deadlines and trying to hit them is that there is just too much stuff out of our control.  We can’t say with any sort of accuracy how much coding time we will have per week and likewise whilst we can plan what needs to be done, if you are away from the code for any space of time then you need to allow a short while to re-familiarise yourself with the project and try and figure out what you were trying to achieve where you left off last time!  I think getting back into a regular coding routine will help.

Again (and I keep making reference to this) there is a lot of stuff happening in the background that eats a fair amount of time by itself, and it feels a bit like a balancing act trying to keep everything moving forwards as we want it to, whilst making sure that everything happening in the background is as it should be!

It’s another shorter than usual diary this week – there’s only so much I can waffle on about and I really don’t want to pad these things out with needless meanderings – they are designed so that you can get an insight into the ups and downs of actually making a game within a dispersed team.  I can only report on what is happening (and to be honest, I can’t really report on all that stuff yet anyway)!  I don’t want to promise too much, but hopefully with next week’s episode we can start to share a bit more about the art style and how the new RoChain will work and play!



  1. Looking forward to it! Keep up the hard work guys

  2. Keeping tabs on this, creating my own game at the moment, so i know how you feel

  3. Can’t wait to see the new logo.

  4. Good stuff, i’m looking forward to the bit where i get to play RoChain!

  5. Look forward to hearing more, good luck with the regular coding!

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