Adarakion Developer Diary: Issue 58

Another week where not much has happened development-wise personally. It would seem the entire team (with the possible exception of Liam) has been taken over by real life work stuff this week.  The worrying thing is that I feel like this is becoming a recurring theme at the moment.  As I said, Liam is the exception to the rule and he has been putting in some storming dev stuff over the past few weeks – putting us all to shame.  The great thing about being a small team like this is that over any given period at least one of us is able to commit a decent amount of time to the project.  Does make the rest of us feel like letdowns, however we all accept that this is the situation and there isn’t much we can do about it!

Nevertheless the next big push for us is to get the actual game board working.  Obviously this is the main crux of the game and one that might not take as long as I think as a lot of the code from the PC version of RoChain can be reused, well, a lot of the logic stuff can in any case.  With any luck we can just lift this code from one version to another – do a bit of tweaking and have a working board.  We then need to look to implement the tweaks and changes to the game play that we had planned, integrate the new combo system (again, I suspect some of the logic can be reused) and bob’s your ferret – we have a game.

Sounds easy doesn’t it?  In theory it is, it’s just these distractions that at the moment can’t be planned for that frustrates us all.  All I ask is for a rich TSA reader to fund us.  We don’t want much… Say… £50k so we can dedicate ourselves 100% to this cause for the next few months.  Hmm. Is Peter Jones a regular reader??  Someone send him RoChain – tell him what he is buying into!

We’re still working on the new RoChain logo. Well, I say we, Richard is tirelessly coming up with new ideas and I think we have stumbled on something that works really well.  Needs a little tweaking but hopefully a little more on that at a later date ; it’s a total departure from the previous logo but as an art style it fits really nicely with the other ideas we have had.

I’m hoping that all our respective real life dramas will dissipate over the next few weeks and bring us back together and working efficiently as a team again so we can hit our Christmas deadline which is looming over us like a shadow… a shadow which is growing with each week that passes.  We are in November now which realistically gives us 3/4 weeks to complete the code before we then need to go through the whole Apple approval process (which I think will take a similar amount of time, despite their claims that stuff is approved a lot quicker) although I hope I will be pleasantly surprised!



  1. I reckon you should delay it til after xmas as it seems to be the fashion these days. It’ll also help build up the hype. I’m sure Kaz could offer you some advice! :P
    In all seriousness, I hope it gets released before xmas, but obviously real-life commitments can get in the way, and I know you guys will be trying your best to get it finished!

  2. Keep plugging away guys!

  3. Great, it’s getting closer now at any rate and i’m looking forwad to it!

  4. Ive misssed a couple of episodes so I’m playing catch up – you are porting the PC code to what new platform?

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